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Closing a credit card account?

The New York Times’ blog “Bucks” recently tackled the potential affect closing a credit card account can have on your credit score.  Read the article, but here are some highlights: * Obtaining a new credit card account can hurt your credit score because of the new credit inquiry. * Closing a credit card account does […]

Widow called 48 times per day over debt. Outrageous.

Per the Daily Mail, a widow in Hawaii (Deborah Crabtree) was called up to 48 times per day over a missed mortgage payment.  Apparently, the mortgage payment was due around the time her husband died of cancer.  So what did Bank of America do?  They began calling.  And calling.  And calling.  Roughly every 15 minutes. […]

“Wall Street is our Main Street” – Continued.

This article from Rolling Stone connects more of the dots on the power struggle happening right now regarding the prospective mortgage fraud settlement.  Sounds like the major players in the banking industry are about to get off very lightly.